I am and have always been a 'hybrid agent'. Born on Sri Lanka, raised in Sweden and educated in the United Kingdom. An educational background spanning from mathematics and physics to security management and social sciences. Work experience as a professional consultant operating all over the world. Now lending my expertise as a lecturer in criminology. 

Facing new challenges, meeting interesting people -
finding, developing and communicating optimal solutions every day. 

Here you will find information on my teaching, research and consultancy - all packaged in accessible snippets for the fast paced digital era in which we live. There are also links and resources available for those that want to go deeper into the topics presented. All in an effort to expand knowledge, cause one should always remember that #KnowledgeIsPower.

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Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder


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Currently working as a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of West London. With a PhD in Criminology and a MSc in Security Management, both from the University of Portsmouth.

Education has provided knowledge and insight into Anti-Fraud and Corruption strategies, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Crisis Management.


 As an Anti-corruption Consultant providing impartial advise on how to best establish an anti-corruption framework. That is; how to prevent, manage, and damage control corruption.

This includes a range of services that facilitate an anti-corruption framework, ranging from teaching, training and effective tools.



Personal interests include international politics, particularly the internal and foreign policies of the EU. Primarily issues that relate to societal security.

Developments in Anti-Fraud and Corruption efforts, private security regulation as well as Crisis Management instruments world wide are closely followed. 

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