Intended consequences of purposive action

From Problem Solving in Natural Sciences at Gothenburg University, engulfed in math, physics and environmental science. To advanced Security Consultancy at Gothia Protection Group, leading the creation of the first ever gated community on the Swedish west coast. All the way to  managing my own company established in Spain, providing exclusive high-end management services to both business and individuals. 

Perhaps not all of the twist and turns of my professional career has been intended, but every single one has subsequently led to an exceptionally broad and uniquely grounded career. 

The focus is on the EU, both internally as a supranational institution as well as externally, expressed in its foreign policy. An equal focus rest with its constituent Member States, particularly Sweden, Spain and the UK. Universal questions are mixed with relevant particulars to highlight, explain and analyse high politics, international relations and human rights to name a few. The individual perspective is also considered, from the single citizen via the labour market and corporate structures to the societal concerns of risk, security and crisis management. 

The current endeavour to obtain a PhD rests upon the conviction that education is very important to both your personal and professional life, in a number of significant ways. Probably the most obvious reason for the importance of education is to acquire the subject matter and basic knowledge needed to get by in everyday life and more particularly to meet the ever-increasing demands posed by modern businesses. Having said that, experience comes in at a close second. If it is one thing my journey across the globe has thought me so far is that very little is known. The world is all too often presumptuously misunderstood but for every bit that is revealed the more intricate and beautiful it becomes. Thus, by combining an expanding personal knowledge base with actual encounters and first hand experience you have a winning recipe.

The plan is a simple as it is unequivocal; to continue to deliver high quality results and to never ever stop learning, evolving, adapting and consequently excelling at what I do. 


Photo by Tay Jnr/DigitalVision / Getty Images